2nd Chiropractic Visit

Upon returning for your second visit

We will review your x-ray findings, answer any additional questions you may have, and discuss your current healthcare goals during your second chiropractic visit. The visit will generally take about 30 minutes. A care plan with follow-up visits will be determined based on your goals and the outcome you desire.

Five Points Family Chiropractic OFFERS SEVERAL PRE-PAYMENT PLANS

They are both cost-effective and convenient to help assist in meeting your healthcare goals. If you have insurance and seek reimbursement, we will provide you with the necessary documentation for you to seek reimbursement on your own.

Five Points Family Chiropractic UNDERSTANDS

The financial commitment that is sometimes required to reach the level of health care that you may desire. So, often times we're willing to go out of our way to help you achieve this.


What People Say About Five Points Family Chiropractic

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500+ Happy Patients Served
Had some bad back pain that went for few weeks...finally gained some courage to go see a chiropractor...Dr. Amel had really good reviews so figured I would schedule with him and I sure do not regret it.
Zoran B.
Dr.Amel is the best chiropractor I've ever gone to! Five points isn't somewhere you get adjusted the same way every two weeks. Amel explains his process, and listens to any questions you may have. Dr. Amel is an amazing guy.
Kimberly K.
After being in the army my spine was definitely mess up but after seeing Dr.Nuhanovic he knew exactly where the pain was and was able to make the correct adjustment while also educating me on my body! He is very professional and reliable!
Greg G.
He is very thorough when it comes to explaining the problem areas and the steps he will take to fix the issue. I have seen previous chiropractors in the past and they were not able to do what Amel did.
Adnan L.
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